19 November 2017

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My First Three Wheelsets

When I took shipping of the wheels in June of 2014, my worries disappeared. I was very inspired with the quality. After I had placed a few hundred miles on them, some of my buddies decided to take the leap and order rim brake wheels. They too had been inspired. Ultimately, I positioned 4000+ miles on those wheels. They have been tough miles on NJ roads with quite some pot-holes, bumps, and so on. I did no longer take it clean on them. They in no way went out of proper and I had no troubles with them. None of my friends with rim brake models had problems either (I think it become three or four of my direct riding buddies that ordered them). Below is a image of my Tricross with that first set of wheels. I bought that motorcycle in February of 2015 with the wheels and the current owner remains the use of them and they are going sturdy.
In October of 2014, I bought my Venge frame and proceeded to construct that up. I sold a hard and fast of 50x25mm SAT Superlight wheels from Yoeleo this time. As soon as I opened the field, I become inspired. They have been mild, and after I placed them on a scale, they were within three grams of what Yoeleo said they could weigh. Yoeleo’s SAT generation method that there are no spoke holes drilled inside the rim mattress. This has some of benefits. The biggest advantage is that the carbon is preserved and there are no holes drilled in it, which strengthens the wheel. It also way that you do not have to use rim tape due to the fact there are not any nipples or drill hole edges to harm the tube or reason punctures. The solid rim bed additionally lets in for improved tire pressures and inflation capability. I ordered them with the Yoeleo SL-Pro hubs which include ceramic bearings. These matters simply spin and spin and spin.
Below are some images of my 50mm rims with no tires set up. You can see the SAT generation with out a spoke holes drilled inside the rim bed.
Yoeleo makes use of a basalt brake track and I grabbed a image of what that looks as if, as well as the 3k carbon weave and matte finish.

In March of 2015, I offered my Allez and ordered a fixed of 60x25mm SAT Superlight wheels. I positioned the 60’s at the Venge and moved the 50’s to the Allez. The 60’s have been constructed to the precise equal spec because the 50’s and performed simply as properly. They are barely heavier, which isn’t the first-class on some of the climbs I do, however there’s truly a little little bit of a bonus on the flats and on descents. Over the beyond year and a piece, I’ve put over 4000 miles on each sets of wheels, once more with out issue.

As a testament to their electricity and build pleasant, in Oct. 2015, I was involved in a tangle with a pal of mine. His rear short launch ended up getting hooked with proper side if my front fork on the Venge at nearly 30 mph. Somehow we managed to live upright and not crash, but the spokes at the right facet of my the front wheel took a whole lot of damage as they smashed in opposition to his left facet chain stay and the motorcycles endured to roll to a forestall. Of the ten spokes on the proper side of the front wheel, five were absolutely damaged in half of and the opposite five have been badly bent. I delivered the wheel to my save and my mechanic turned into inspired. None of the spokes had pulled out of the carbon or damaged the carbon hoop. The spokes themselves had damaged first. There have been some spoke holes on the hub that he idea might have stretched and tweaked a bit and he wasn’t fantastic that new spokes might reseat well so I ordered a new hub from Yoeleo. I had it in much less than per week. It virtually took the shop longer to get the spokes than it did for me to get the hub. This aspect of my enjoy in dealing with Yoeleo is of particular interest to me due to the fact one of the areas that people regularly cite as a downfall of buying Chinese carbon wheels or frames is a lack of customer support. When my mechanic noticed the brand new hub, he turned into in addition inspired. He could see numerous regions where they’d modified and stepped forward their design and he changed into inspired that a so-known as non-name logo wheel enterprise might be investing the money and time to refine their design and make it better. As he re-built the wheel, he turned into even greater inspired with simply how an awful lot stress they had long gone via without failing. He stated he’s visible wheels from many call emblem businesses that hadn’t fared as properly for the duration of similar crashes or accidents. I keep to trip both sets of 50 and 60mm wheels without problem.
The biggest difficulty I have had, is that at slow speeds, there is a mild quantity of brake pulse that comes lower back thru the levers. Its now not excessive and its by no means triggered me to crash or prompted me any troubles, but I can sense it, especially at sluggish speeds as I’m coming to a very last stop at a stoplight, maybe beneath 10 mph. At excessive speeds, I don’t seem to feel it in any respect. It additionally seems to be greater significant if the motorbike is dirty. My mechanic said that its maximum likely a few building up of brake pad material in the brake tune and now not related to the wheels. He recommended that I easy the wheels extra often and I’ve observed that once the bike is freshly cleaned the hassle is the majority long past. My mechanic additionally said that this is a problem with many carbon wheels at almost all charge points.

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