18 November 2017

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Volkswagen 01M Performance Transmission Upgrades

Volkswagen 01M Performance Transmission Upgrades

There might be a transmission save in nearly each place in the u . S . That may rebuild and modify transmission for American made motors. Whether it’s far a more moderen Camaro or a 60’s Mustang, there are lots of aftermarket additives and a long time of technology available for the average transmission mechanic to make use of.

This cannot be said for Volkswagen’s 01M computerized transmissions observed in Jetta, Bettle, Passat and other VW cars. In manufacturing facility shape, these transmissions show numerous trouble areas that can cause failure in as low as 30,000 miles with a stock engine and much quicker in changed applications.

Anemic mass produced manufacturing facility components, lack-luster shift best and incorrectly configured torque converters plague the 01M automatic transmission prepared automobile. This is at the side of the automatic’s unsightly tendency to burn out the B-2 and K-three clutches in protest of even slight increases in engine output.

Topping the listing of internal modifications is the need to address the difficulty of valve body calibration. The valve body mods are clearly the muse of any overall performance trans rebuild- regardless of the vehicle.

An computerized transmission makes use of a network of orifices, valves, accumulators, digital actuators or solenoids, and passages that manipulate and path hydraulic stress to an appropriate places to apply the clutches and bands.

One of the problems with the 01M is that the valve bodies tend to wear down. This is the result of the valves oscillating in their respective bores over tens of millions of cycles during the lifestyles of the transmission. This approach that before any changes to the valve frame are even pondered, the valves and bores that the live in should be reconditioned to tighter than new tolerances.

The 01M valve frame desires to have several of its bores machined and have oversize valves established to restore hydraulic integrity.

Without going into complicated element which could fall outside the scope of this newsletter, suffice it to say that modifying the valve frame correctly changes the price of grab follow and additionally will increase the clamping force with which these additives should paintings with. This is why shift kits and modified valve bodies produce that company, overall performance type shift that increases the transmission’s standard capacity for strength dealing with.

Further internal of the unit, all essential help bushings need to be replaced to insure that the centerline of the transmission runs in ideal alignment with the centerline of the crankshaft. Ignoring this step places plenty of undue stress on the internal transmission additives. Visualize meshing gears trying to run on specific facilities- not something that is going to closing too long, in no way thoughts switch strength successfully.

To be up to the challenge, the various different elements additionally consisting of the pinion shaft, the front differential ring equipment and the planetary gearset have to go through diverse metallurgical approaches. Included in that is heat treating, Meta-Lax pressure relieving, and cryogenic treatment (freezing them in liquid nitrogen at -300 stages Fahrenheit to ‘reset’ the element’s shape on the molecular level).

Next, all the required seals and gaskets are changed to substances that are better able to deal with the warmth and strain that is commonplace in high powered programs.

Lastly, overall performance clutches and steel response plates are mounted and their clearances set to much more exacting specifications than the ones which might be used by the manufacturing unit. Most importantly, IPT makes use of a proprietary 7 friction disk B-2 clutch percent and a 7 friction disk K-3 grasp p.C. Which increases the second, 1/3, and fourth tools torque capability by means of over 35% as opposed to the manufacturing unit installation- that is the important thing to getting a high powered vehicle make a 1-2, 2-3, and three-4 shift instead of simply bouncing off the rev limiter.

As for the adjustments outside of the gearbox, the following thing of significance is of route the torque converter. In an automated prepared vehicle, one of the maximum important components in the entire car with regard to optimizing performance is a efficaciously configured converter.

In addition to being made with many strength improvements over the manufacturing facility piece, a performance converter enables a automobile to better take benefit of the RPM range at which strength is made.

In essence, a torque converter is an infinitely variable transmission in and of itself, and altering its torque multiplying characteristics becomes really necessary when different variables inside the vehicle are modified (more enhance, strength enhancers, etc).

On a diesel powered vehicle, the ideal torque converter configuration is pretty different than that which would advantage a gasoline powered automobile. In quick, diesels make a whole lot greater torque with out the boom of RPM’s and shift in electricity band that a gas motor wishes to growth horsepower.

Lowering the stall velocity and growing the performance of the fluidic coupling impact are the call of the game in a diesel. This can regularly be seen on a dyno with more of the power making its way to the wheels.

Even in otherwise stock VW vehicles, ET reductions of as much as complete 2d aren’t at all unusual with the addition of a well configured converter.

Transmission, torque converter and valve body enhancements aren’t only for American made motors anymore. Increased overall performance, durability and greater efficient moving is now to be had for the cars of just about each manufacturer- thanks in element to the few organizations which can be willing to do the studies and development paintings required for this swiftly developing segment of the car aftermarket.

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