16 November 2017

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Jaguar S Type Shifter Part Malfunction!

Jaguar S Type Shifter Part malfunction!

A very not unusual issue with the 1999-2002 Jaguar S-Type cars can be breakage inside the luxurious shifter meeting for the automatic transmission. And to make topics worse, this shifter meeting has been on returned-order from Jaguar for nearly a year or longer without ETA for brand new stock at the time of this list.

The aluminum shift block replaces the vulnerable plastic piece that fails on all Jaguar shifter assemblies. No need for a used shifter meeting or new shifter assembly from dealer! Save you masses of greenbacks.

Disconnect shifter meeting from vehicle, detach shift cable and set up new aluminum shifter block. Reinstall to get a life-time of hassle free moving.

No more making use of the parking brake to shift in or out of gear! No high-priced tows to the repair save or supplier!

Shifter block malfunction is the maximum typical repair I see at Lansing Professional Fleet Auto Repair that fails within the Jaguar S-Types. I could be able to prevent heaps of bucks, complications and leave out prognosis of this trouble.

I myself believe Jaguar S Types are utter garbage and I experience sorry for all and sundry who has bought one and choice to influence any destiny people from ever buying one. If you happen to be the various blessed ones who have now not had any of those repairs fail together with your S-Type or Lincoln LS you show up to be extremely lucky.

In case you did not know those cars are sisters, that means they’re same, they share several comparable additives and style flaws. The three maximum traditional troubles are as follows.

Shift linkage breaks and vehicle will no longer go into or pop out of park, front lower ball joints or front struts rattle and clunk, and rear of car clunks and rattles highly from horrific lower strut bushings.

Shifter failure is the most ordinary and expensive repair referring to the Jaguar S-Type. Sadly doing it as soon as will no longer guarantee it isn’t always going to show up for a 2nd time. Many owners research a few days or months later the shifter breaks again. Average fee of this restore is $500-1000.00 Currently Jaguar has no supplier for the failed shifter meeting also to my know-how I purchased the closing new one lower back in December of 2009! I’ve obtained 2nd-hand ones on EBay for approximately one hundred.00 considering the fact that then I’ve visible them beneath $200 now and again.

Why does this component ruin down you may ask?Well from the manufacture’s genius design and manufacturing skills they decided that a tiny plastic block the dimensions of half your hand is resilient sufficient to deal with the pressure of your entire weight of your car, the shifter itself, the transmission, the shift cable and ordinary put on on those components.

To this present day no recollect remains issued as they do now not think this is a protection difficulty or now not sufficient human beings are injured (just your pockets) from this element failing.

I discovered an o.E.M employer who will now be selling an trade design ($179-$269) that could as soon as and for all manage shifter block breakdown.

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